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1. The Sixt Express Master Agreement, including the General Rental Conditions of Sixt GmbH & Co Autovermietung KG, applies to all rental agreements made as part of the Sixt Express Service in Germany. For rentals abroad, the applicable foreign general terms and conditions apply. This agreement applies to all Sixt Express Card Services (Express Sixt Card, Corporate Sixt Card, Ladies Sixt Card, myEMOTION Woman ́s Card, Sixt Lautitia Mastercard, Sixt unlimited Card, Gold Sixt Card, Platinum Sixt Card, Sixt American Express Card, Sixt American Express Gold Card), the card's status notwithstanding.

2. By using the Sixt Express Card Service, the renter accepts in principle the rental offer by signing the corresponding rental agreement. If signing a rental agreement is not possible in a particular situation, the renter accepts the rental agreement as binding by accepting the vehicle key at the Sixt counter or from a Sixt key safe.

3. The renter authorises the lessor and its collection agency to make irrevocable charges for all rental car costs and all other fees associated with the rental agreement to the credit card provided upon application for the Express Card Service, another card presented when the rental agreement was signed, the card named on said rental agreement or another credit card subsequently or concomitantly presented by the renter.

4. The renter and/or user is advised that he must be in possession of a valid driving licence and supply the same when making a rental agreement.

5. The renter is obligated to provide written notice of a lost card immediately, but no later than signing the next rental agreement.

6. Sixt GmbH & Co. Autovermietung KG is responsible for the protection of data security related to this agreement. Personally-identifiable data of the renter/driver is collected, processed and used by Sixt or a third party Sixt has arranged to provide on-site leasing services for the purposes of establishing, performing or terminating a rental agreement. Promotional use of the same shall be solely for in-house advertising purposes (including recommendation advertising). Disclosure of the renters/driver's personally-identifiable information will be made to third parties only if necessary to fulfil the agreement, such as the renter's credit card company for billing purposes. Any further use requires the legal permission or consent of the renter/driver.

Notice pursuant to §28(4) of the German Data Protection Act (BDSG): The renter/driver may object to their data being used for purposes of advertising, market or opinion research at any time. This objection must be sent to:

Sixt GmbH & Co. Autovermietung KG, Attn: Objection, Zugspitzstraße 1, 82049 Pullach, Germany or by email to:

7. The place of jurisdiction is Munich, to the extent such may be agreed herein.

Munich, September 2013, Sixt GmbH & Co Autovermietung KG

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